Sneaky Leaks: Professional Pool Repair

Sneaky Leaks Professional Pool Repair


Sneaky Leaks VanWe are a locally owned and operated business that specializes in state of the art leak detection of all types of swimming pools.This is a nondestructive process that utilizes the best in electronic locating equipment to find even the smallest of holes in a liner or fiberglass pool with the pool full of water. We check all lights, returns, skimmers, inwall ladders, steps, low suction lines and any other place were the pool has an opening or screws going through the structure. Repairs are made under water. We also use diving equipment and highly concentrated dye to locate leaks in concrete pools. We are also¬†able to pressurize all plumbing lines to determine if a leak is present. Once determined we induce air in leaking line to create a leak noise which we can locate with a highly sensitive listening device. No need to tear up alot of concrete or dig up a large portion of your yard and landscaping. We usually get close enough that a 18″ square cutout will be sufficient to make repairs.

We are located in west central Indiana. We got in this business because we had a leak in our pool and we were unable to get local pool shops to even return our calls. We even tried a large city 80 miles away. A large leak detection business¬†said they would come out for $350 + repairs. That was 5 years ago and we haven’t seen them yet. We did our own research and found and fixed our leak. In this process we found the state of the art equipment that we purchased in 2008 and we now find and fix leaks in all types of pools. We will call you back and show up when we say we will. We will let you know ahead of time of delays or changes that we need to make.